JRVG – Worst of 2016

5 – Quantum Break

TV these days is brilliant and by contrast video games are turd. You will not remedy (LOLZ NAILED IT) this by shoehorning the former into the latter. Quantum Break, an otherwise passable physics-based shooter, expects you to take regular 20 minute breaks to watch decent actors squirm through pants dialogue and dodge mighty plot holes.

Fun? Nope. Immersive? Hell no. Buy? Definitely not.

4- Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

We all know the classic definition of insanity but I would like to add a further qualifier; do the same thing over and over whilst simultaneously eating glass. That is how it feels to play COD:IW. It’s the same old shit, with the same old problems, in space.

3 – Uncharted 4

Seriously. Let it die.

2 – The Last Guardian

Glitchy beyond belief, tedious gameplay and no attempt to explain what on earth is happening. But hey, at least the dog-cat-bird thing is cute, right? Absolutely not; it’s fucking horrifying.

1- Final Fantasy XV

This is one of the most inexcusable pieces of shit currently available to purchase with actual human money.



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