JRVG – Best of 2016

5 – Tom Clancy’s The Division

Pants when it came out. Decent after an update. Brilliant with it’s new survival mode. A very solid persistent multiplayer game with the best ‘shoot all the guns’ gameplay of 2016.

4 – Ark: Survival Evolved

Ride a velociraptor. Build a gorgeous ocean view villa. Slap the shit out of a dodo.  It’s Minecraft for grown ups; go and play it.

3 – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Not a universally popular game by any means but a very good one in my opinion. Silly sci-fi story, reasonable nods to real world social issues (by no means as clumsy as was portrayed) and a nice variety of death-dealing robot superpowers.

2 – Watch Dogs 2

Probably the best open world game since Grand Theft Auto 5. Genuinely funny, great fun to play around with (once you get over the slightly clunky controls) and additional marks are awarded on the basis of simply not being Watch Dogs 1.

1 – Battlefield 1

Creating an original first person shooter for the new generation of consoles was always going to be a huge ask. It’s a format that has been done to death, and then repeatedly done again to the genre’s decaying corpse (yes you, Call Of Duty). Yet against all odds, DICE and EA managed to put together an exciting, refreshing and brilliantly entertaining game that stays the right side of respecting the subject matter.




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